"Local computation of the spin dissipation force"

Akcay, Sarp (slides)

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University of Jena. University College Dublin

Progress at the interface between Effective One Body and the Small Mass Ratio approximation

Antonelli, Andrea (slides)

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AEI Potsdam

Detecting EMRIs with LISA

Babak, Stanislav

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Environmental Effects for Gravitational-wave Astrophysics

Barausse, Enrico (slides)

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Signatures of extra dimensions in gravitational waves from black hole quasi-normal modes

Chakraborty, Sumanta (slides)

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Department of Theoretical Physics, Kolkata, India

Causal Structure of Gravitational Waves in Cosmology

Chu, Yi-Zen

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National Central University, Taiwan

The LISA Mission: Gravitational Wave Astronomy from Space

Danzmann, Karsten

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AEI Hannover

Progress in self-consistent evolution with a time domain scalar charge self-force code

Diener, Peter (slides)

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Louisiana State University

Exact Gravitational Wave Signatures from Colliding Extreme Black Holes

Hadar, Shahar

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AEI Potsdam

The dawn of gravitational-wave astronomy

Harry, Ian

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AEI Potsdam-Golm

Flatlanders never forget: Self-interaction in lower dimensions

Harte, Abraham (slides)

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Dublin City University

Mode sum regularization in generic Kerr spacetime

Heffernan, Anna (slides)

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University of Florida

The first-order self-force: yesterday, today and tomorrow

Hopper, Seth (slides)

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Earlham College

Bound orbits of slowly evolving black holes

Hughes, Scott (slides)

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Overlap of self-force, post-Newtonian and effective-one-body approaches

Kavanagh, Chris (slides)

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Understanding of effects of radiation reaction on gravitational waves

Kim, Dong-Hoon

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Sungkyungkwan University

Extreme and intermediate-mass black hole inspirals

Miller, Cole (slides)

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University of Maryland

The trajectory towards sub-radian accurate waveforms: A tapestry of multiscale and other approximation methods

Moxon, Jordan (slides)

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Cornell University

Scalar self-force for generic bound orbits on Kerr

Nasipak, Zachary (slides)

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University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Inspirals into a charged black hole

Osburn, Thomas

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Emory University (Oxford College)

Radiation reaction in the context of a radiating relativistic point mass

Ray, Anarya

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Wormhole geometry in a $f(R,T)$ gravity

Sahoo, Pradyumn

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Birla Institute of Technology and Science-Pilani, Hyderabad Campus

Study of Polarization Modes in Modified Theory

Sharif, Muhammad

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University of the Punjab

Self-Force Regularization in the Regge-Wheeler and Easy Gauges

Thompson, Jonathan

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University of Florida

Time-domain evolutions of Lorenz-gauge metric perturbations: taming the $\ell=1$ gauge instability

Thornburg, Jonathan (slides)

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Indiana University Astronomy & AEI (visiting)

Synchrotron radiation reaction of charged particle around astrophysical black holes

Tursunov, Arman

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Silesian University in Opava

First order Self-force on Kerr generic orbits

van de Meent, Maarten (slides)

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AEI Potsdam

A test black hole in curved spacetime

Vines, Justin (slides)

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AEI Potsdam

Fast Self-forced Inspirals

Warburton, Niels (slides)

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University College Dublin

Spinning particles: Hamiltonians, canonical coordinates and more

Witzany, Vojtech

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ZARM, Universität Bremen

Near-horizon behavior of the second-order metric perturbations

Yamada, Kei

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Kyoto University

Extremal Kerr Perturbations: Analytic Framework and Late-time Tails

Zimmerman, Peter

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University of Arizona

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